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    WELCOME features Poems To Mom and Poems About Mother.  The Poems To Mom are great to present to her as a gift on a card, in an email, as a reading or recitation.  The Poems About Mother are also ideal to share with her and others at any Mothers Day program, plays, recitals, parties, dinners or any other special occasion honoring mothers.  They are also great to give directly to mom as a gift on a card or in an email.

    Many children come from different religious backgrounds.  Their parents really appreciate it when their children whether in a public or private school situation learn a poem that shows love and respect for mom in a religious connotation. also features Religious Poems To Mom and Religious Poems About Mother at each grade level.

    The poems are grouped by grade level to better assist you in finding the right poem or poems for your child, your children or for yourself.  Whether you are a mom or dad, a public or private school teacher, religious Sunday school teacher or homeschooling feel free to utilize these poems and share them with your fellow teachers, friends and children.

    This site is also dedicated to students 13 years or older. You can easily learn to recite one of these Mothers Day poems for children. Share these selections with your younger siblings, friends and other loved ones.  Express your love for your mother, grandmother, aunts, teachers or other wonderful women in your life to create lasting Mother’s Day memories for many years to come.

    Poems To Mom:

    I Can’t Sing For You

    I can’t sing for you

    like Justin Bieber,

    Or dance like Michael J,

    Act like Jaden Smith,

    Play piano like Mozart,

    Or plan a big soiree,

    But I can tell you,

    I love you,

    from the bottom of my heart

    And wish you a

    Happy Mother’s Day

    and each day thereafter,

    A happy ending and

    A happy start.

    D. Alsup

    The Brightest Colors

    The brightest colors of your love we feel:

    pink, red, orange, yellow, green,

    blue steel…

    It lights up our faces

    to see you come

    in a room alone,

    or joining the other moms.

    We’re proud to show our love for you,

    with a hug,

    a kiss,

    a smile,

    a wink,

    or a nod or two.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    My Mom

    My Mom is very special,

    My mom is very kind,

    My mom always tells me I’m special,

    She’s always on my mind.

    My mom watches me grow,

    My mom watches me cry,

    Of course she’ll always know,

    She’ll never have to tell me goodbye.

    My mom will always hug and kiss,

    My mom will always care.

    My days she will never miss,

    Coz’ I’m her little teddy bear.

    My mom is very special,

    My mom is very kind,

    My mom always tells me I’m special,

    She’s always on my mind.


    (This poem is for six children, each of whom carries a cardboard heart with letters to form “Mother.”)

    M– is for the multitude

    Of helpful, serving things

    Ois for the ode, you know,

    Or song that sweetly rings;

    T –is for the tenderness

    That Mothers always give,

    H— is for the happiness and home

    In which we live;

    E— is for the earnestness

    With which we sing her praise,

    R— is for the richest gifts

    We trust will crown her ways!


    Mother dear, O Mother dear,

    We join to honor you,

    And every day in every way

    We’ll give obedience true!

    Religious Poems To Mom:

    To Mother

    Yes, God is real to me.

    I see Him

    in your smile.

    I feel Him

    in your gentle ways.

    I know him through the beauty of your soul

    Bless You!

    Alice Joyce Davidson

    Thank You

    I just want

    to Thank You

    for taking me in,

    when I found no relatives

    and no next of kin,

    to love and provide

    and their life to extend,

    You are truly a Mother,

    and a God Fearing Friend.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems About Mother:

    A Welcome

    No smiles too bright to welcome now

    Our mother’s on this day;

    Upon each gracious mother’s brow

    A tribute fair we lay.

    With precious blossoms of the heart

    A garland sweet we twine;

    A mother’s welcome we impart

    For they are gifts divine!

    So welcome, welcome, mothers all,

    We pray God’s blessings true

    Upon your pathways ever fall

    Your whole long lifetime through.

    Author Unknown

    A Mother’s Day Prayer

    In the hustle and bustle

    of things everyday,

    I’m glad you stopped us

    and taught us

    how to pray:

    Our Father,

    Who art in heaven,

    Thank You God

    for Mother today,

    Bless her every waking

    and sleeping hour,

    Strengthen her continuously

    with your wondrous power,

    Shine on her as she lights the way

    to show us your children

    how to be with You someday.


    D. Alsup

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    We have worked with children in the public school system and local church affiliations for over 20 years.  We have orchestrated many Mother’s Day programs, parties and salutes with children in mind. These are some of our favorite poems we are enjoying sharing with you. Please feel free to use any of these Mother’s Day Poems for Children selections for your upcoming Mother’s Day affairs.  Thanks for visiting!

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