• Grades7,8,9

    Poems To Mom:

    Rivets Of Gold

    Mother, mama, ma,

    Opulence Supreme,

    Thoughtful Treasure to behold

    Hand that rocks the cradle

    Everlasting Endless

    Rivets of Gold.

    D. Alsup

    A Little Peace And Quiet


    you deserve that joy

    you always talk about,

    that peace and quiet too,

    that solitude you speak about

    to renew your inner you,

    So on this Mother’s Day

    these gifts we will easily give:

    joy, peace and quiet, and solitude

    And for all our days of too much noise,

    We ask you to please forgive.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup



    Forgive us

    for all the aggravation we give,

    that has come and gone

    and will come and go

    again and again.

    Thank you for your love

    and understanding,

    The best

    Mothers Day wishes we send,

    Happy Mothers Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:


    Mother’s Day wishes

    of heartfelt warmth,

    of love and memories

    that have been

    and will become.

    Happy Mother’s Day

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems To Mom

    Awesome Mother

    When others speak

    they say your name

    in reference to none other,

    Than the Powerful God

    that made you such an




    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    You And Me

    You are someone

    I can lean on,

    tell everything to.

    You are rare,

    my friends say

    their moms are not that way,

    So on this day

    I thank you,

    for being my confidant,

    my pal,

    my friend

    and I pray to God

    the bond between us

    will never end.

    Happy Mother’s Day

    D. Alsup

    When we hurt,

    you want to stop our pain,

    When we need,

    you want to fill the till again,

    When we are sad,

    you hug to bring the happiness in,

    When we are lonely,

    you remind us that,

    not only you,



    Is our friend.

    Thanks Mom,

    Happy Mother’s Day

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems About Mother:

    A Spray Of Flowers

    I picked a spray of flowers

    they reminded me of you,

    but as I traveled back to town

    I gave away a few,

    One to a lady

    who was feeding some birds,

    she was gentle

    and oh so kind,

    One to a woman

    who was giving soft words

    to a kid who had fallen behind,

    a flower to a woman

    who had surely prayed for years,

    you could see all her families love and

    accomplishments through her smiles and tears,

    Mom I picked a spray of flowers

    they reminded me of you

    but as I traveled back to town

    I gave Grandma a few.

    D. Alsup