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    Children of all grades will enjoy making Mom laugh with these funny Mother’s Day poems.  From the smallest to the largest we all enjoy a good laugh to fill the day.  Show Mom your humorous side to help her laugh a few cares away.

    Grades 1, 2, 3 will enjoy showering Mom with these funny Mother’s Day Poems:

    Poems To Mom:




    You work so hard for us each day.

    Sit down,

    read us a story,

    take a break,

    for goodness sake.


    Why don’t you make us

    some of those cookies you like to bake.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    The Dog Did It

    I baked you a cake

    For Mother’s Day

    It’s chocolate, coconut and nutty,

    Sorry there’s a big bite on the side,

    You know who jumped up on the table,

    That’s right Buddy.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Red Roses

    Red roses

    are your favorite mom,

    they’re my favorite too,

    so on this Mother’s Day

    I’ve called,

    1-800- f-l-o-w-e-r-s

    and ordered

    12 dozen for you.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    A New Intention

    My mother seems to always know

    When I am good or bad,–

    I see it in her face each hour

    By happy look or sad:

    I have a new intention now

    Which I’ll try to keep each day

    And then, instead of worried brow,

    She’ll wear a smile always!

    Author Unknown

    Wiggly Dance

    Last year,

    I stashed

    some after Mother’s Day cash,

    and forgot where I put my dough,

    so instead of buying a gift this year

    that may not last,

    I’ll put Mom on a show.

    I’ll sing her favorite show tunes

    and do a wiggly dance

    I know she’ll see my love for her,

    the other kids

    won’t stand a chance.

    D. Alsup

    Grades 4, 5, 6 will enjoy sharing these funny poems with mom:

    Poems To Mom:

    No Wrinkles

    Mom you have no wrinkles

    No frown lines I can see

    The crows feet you imagine

    sure beats me,

    So on this Mother’s Day

    A brand new 15 times magnification

    mirror you will get,

    To see how beautiful you are

    And how raising us kids

    Your face shows no regrets.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    “I Love You”

    I don’t like being redundant,

    I’ve said it many times before,

    “I Love You”,

    “I Love You”,

    So please don’t kiss me

    goodbye again

    at the school house door.


    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup

    Flies Away

    I’ll stop my funny antics

    long enough to say,


    I ordered you

    A Venus Fly Trap,

    To keep the flies away.

    Ha, Ha, Ha

    Happy Mothers Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    Tree House

    Up to the tree house

    I like to climb,

    I’m working on a present

    for that mother of mine,

    I don’t think she’d want

    any spiders or frogs,

    my lizard I gave her last,

    she said,

    scared her right out of her drawers.

    So I’ll try to think ladyish

    like daddy said,

    maybe give her one of my

    female mice instead.

    D. Alsup

    The Smartest Person!

    My Mother is the smartest person

    You could ever see;

    She can answer any question

    That sure will puzzle me!

    Talk about your “information,”

    Mother’s surely got her share;

    She can answer “how” and “when”

    “What” and why” and “where!”

    There never is a single question

    But she knows the way

    It should be correctly answered

    And she’s right I say!

    Gee! You’ve got to hand it to her,–

    Knows most everything by heart,”–

    She is sweet and kind and good

    And she’s awful smart!

    Author Unknown

    I’m Running

    I’m running as fast as a cheetah

    and leaving all the snails behind

    to be the first to wish you,

    A Happy Mother’s Day

    because you’re a

    favorite teacher of mine.

    D. Alsup

    Grades 7, 8, 9 will have a lot of fun with mom, reciting, reading or emailing these selections:

    Poems To Mom:


    I’ve followed your instructions to the tee

    Did all my chores explicitly,

    I’m ready for my allowance,

    So I can get out of your hair,

    And go buy you a Mother’s Day sweater

    that you and I both can wear.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Carb’s Don’t Count

    Have some chocolates today

    Their all low fat,

    Forget about the calories you deserve that,

    Have some more pasta,

    Today you look so thin,

    Go ahead and try on those smaller jeans

    You’ve wanted to get in,

    If they don’t button up,

    Don’t worry,

    Just find a big safety pin!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    The Menu


    I’m mixing up a recipe

    that’s tasty and supreme,

    Just lay in bed on Mother’s Day

    for breakfast for a queen,

    The menu is:

    green eggs and ham

    and cocoa with marshmellows supreme

    and for a tasty dessert candy rocks that pop

    in your mouth

    and leave your teeth and tongue


    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    A Happy Family

    I’m glad we laugh together,

    It keeps me feeling great

    when I grow old

    like my mom and dad,

    my wife and I

    are not going to just have three children

    we’ll have seven or eight.

    D. Alsup

    Fly Trap

    Mom’s always saying,

    ” hurry up and shut the door,

    don’t let any flies in,

    or you’ll be catching them

    not seated,

    but running around the floor.”

    It makes me feel hurried

    and even somewhat worried,

    I try my best not to drop my books,

    or other items

    nor dilly dally

    when she sings that song,

    So I’ve ordered

    a Venus fly trap

    to her surprise,

    to catch any flies that may enter

    to bring satisfaction

    to Mom’s eyes.

    D. Alsup

    Grades 10, 11, 12 can enjoy being some of the biggest and best comedians around family and friends especially during Mothers Day.  Most teenagers like helping Mom get a lot of fun and laughter out of her day.  Here are some fun pieces of prose for the funny side of their personality they can to share:

    Poems To Mom:

    Vacation Time

    It comes to my attention

    You haven’t vacationed in a while,

    So pack your bags Mom,

    It’s you and me

    To the islands

    Flying first class

    In style.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    A Gift For Who?

    I shopped to get you something

    Sparkly, dazzling and cool,

    But all I could find was this

    Gucci handbag backpack

    Made for students in high school.


    Happy Mother’s Day !

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

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