• Grades 1,2,3

    Children remind us the simplistic and beautiful things in life.  Listening to them express their love and feelings for their mother’s can be priceless.

    Poems To Mom:

    Two Wishes


    close your eyes

    and make two wishes

    I’ll grant them instantly.

    Make sure they are

    for a kiss and a hug,

    Two wishes I can make

    come true for free.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup

    A Rainbow

    Mom I painted you a rainbow

    during our art time in school,

    Red, orange, yellow,

    green and blue,

    indigo and violet

    All mean I love you.

    Happy Mother’s Day.


    Joy, Peace and Quiet

    Mom you deserve that Joy

    you always talk about,

    That Peace and Quiet too,

    So one this Mother’s Day,

    These are three gifts

    We’ll give to you.

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    The Greatest Earthly Gift

    The greatest earthly gift of all

    That comes from heaven above,

    Is just a faithful mother dear

    Who blesses with her love.


    Daddy said this day to me,

    “I’ve a wish above all other,–

    I hope that you will grow to be

    Exactly like your Mother!”

    I’ll try to start this very day

    To grow like her in every way!

    Author Unknown

    Religious Poems To Mom:

    Religious Poems About Mother: