• Grades 4,5,6

    Poems To Mom:

    Beauty Contest

    If there was a beauty contest,

    You’d win hands down,

    All the other moms

    would be so envious

    Of your Mother’s Day Crown,

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Beautiful Things

    Beautiful things for you mom

    on this your Mother’s Day,

    Because you are beautiful to us

    in so many ways.

    This pendant for you,

    this rose for you too,

    this teddy bear

    for all the hugs you give,

    just squeeze him


    for our love to relive.

    D. Alsup

    They Say

    Grandma says,

    you’re her angel

    Grandpa says,

    you’re his charm

    We say,

    “you’re the best mom ever”

    Dad says,

    you’re the girl in his arms.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    The Delivery

    I’ve learned my recitation,

    I’m ready to proceed,

    with all eyes on mother

    I’ll deliver my decree,

    Happy is the son

    who stands at any hour,

    to bestow gracious tidings

    upon Mother’s loving power.

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems To Mom:

    Religious Poems About Mother:

    Precious Moments

    Precious moments day by day

    happy hours pass away

    with each morn the sunrise brings

    Mother’s call to her children’s  ears ring





    Prayers again the next day same.

    D. Alsup