• Teens

    As a teenager sometimes we have a lot we want to say to Mom in honor of her special day. We still may not know quite how to express our feelings without sounding corny, babyish or superficial. These selections are a mixture of  non religious and religious poetry.

    These poems are for teenagers who would like to express themselves in a more mature and genuine fashion now that they are in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade or have graduated.

    Poems To Mom:

    Listen To Your Heart

    Listen to your heart,

    You always,

    Always say,

    I now see why

    and how,

    It has helped me

    many a day.

    Thank you mom,

    for your guidance

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup








    All these things,

    I’ll try to portray

    so I can be a great Mother

    like you someday.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    D. Alsup

    Poems About Mother:

    Mother’s Motto

    “Turn up your mouth with gladness,”

    My mother used to say

    When little trails brought sadness

    In childhoods memoried day;

    Of course her lips were smiling,

    A twinkle in her eyes,

    As, with her way beguiling,

    She freed me from a cry.

    Her motto now is ringing

    Along the path of time;

    It tunes my heart to singing

    As lilting happy rhyme;

    When toil or pain or sorrow

    Seem feeling life’s deep cup,

    Her message sweet I borrow,–

    My mouth with joy turns up!

    Author Unknown

    Two Lips

    Two arms

    to help you up

    after you have fallen,

    Two ears

    to hear your

    all night stories of pain,

    Two hands

    to wash away your

    tears and troubles,

    Two lips

    to say

    “I Love You” again.

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems To Mother:

    God Bless You Always

    You’ve helped me

    to make some great escapes

    through my bad decisions,

    I thank you proudly

    and loudly


    for your trust and

    your love

    that you have given.

    May God Bless you always,

    Happy Mother’s Day.


    The Menu

    I followed your instruction

    and read the menu through

    Started with

    Galations 5:23 then back to 22,

    I’ll keep the scripture

    by my side

    and never hungry be,

    I thank God

    You showed me the Way

    and He’s guiding me.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Religious Poems About Mother:

    No Other Mother

    No other Mother can compare

    With her style and her grace,

    Who so gently wipes the tears

    and the pain away

    from her child’s face,

    Praying hourly throughout the weeks,

    Kisses sweetly upon their cheeks

    To seal the love within

    My Mother,

    Your Mother,

    All Mother’s,

    Our Friend

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    D. Alsup

    Prayer For Mothers

    Our Father,

    Who art in heaven,

    Thank You

    for all the blessings

    You’ve given our mother’s

    throughout the years,

    Thank You

    for all the blessings

    You have in store for them

    Today and always,


    D. Alsup